What We Believe

Lutherans take their name from Martin Luther who, after careful study of God's Word in the Holy Scriptures, taught that no matter how hard they try, people cannot earn God's forgiveness or a place in heaven through their own actions. It is a gift that people receive through faith in Jesus alone.

Lutherans often refer to the four "solas" (Latin for "alone") as a summary of the faith that gives them hope:

  • Christ Alone - Only by what Jesus did for us on the cross can we be saved.
  • Grace Alone - We cannot earn the love of God. His love for us through Jesus is completely a free gift.
  • Faith Alone - We are forgiven not because of what we do, but because God has given us faith in the only Savior - Jesus.
  • Scripture Alone - We believe what the Bible teaches because it is the Word of God.

For more information check out what the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod believes, teaches and confesses at:  http://lcms.org/belief-and-practice.